The Benefits of Buying Property in Limousin, France

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March 1, 2018
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The Benefits of Buying Property in Limousin, France


Limousin is the second scarcely populated region of France. This place has a lot of natural beauty to offer regarding landscapes that make a perfect muse for the art lovers. This is the lovely countryside place, and many property buyers are interested in acquiring properties here to enjoy the fresh air and pollution free atmosphere. This region consists of hills, rivers, and picturesque villages. Many foreigners including the Dutch have expressed their interest in buying properties here in Limousin. website provides a deep insight into the guide of purchasing properties in France.

Limousin is a fantastic place with ancient churches and castles. It is known as the city of 1000 lakes. Since it has lakes, valleys, forests, flora, and fauna, it is the hub of outdoor activities like canoeing, walking, cycling, riding and sailing. People in the Limousin region respect their culture and tradition by speaking in their local dialect. The meat and fruits available here are of superior quality and limousine, a cow with excellent quality leather is famous worldwide.

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Hey, I am Gab, I am a MEP consultant for top MEP consultancies & Industrial Architects around the world. I am blessed to have lived at Limousin and consulted some great clients with bold visions on restoration construction projects at Limousin region. The Place is a living example of inventive and culturally significant buildings that are meticulously detailed.

In the early 2000's, properties were sold like hot cakes, but the trend slowed down a bit later. Even then, cities like Brive are still under the scanner of international tourists. If you are looking for peace and tranquility, then it is better to prefer the Limousin region. The landscapes and sceneries are jaw-dropping and mesmerizing.

The types of houses in Limousin: Perigord houses:

The homes in Perigord region are acclaimed widely due to their design and character. Perigord is a historical province and is quite charming.

Manor houses:

These houses are very luxurious and spacious. The houses have chimneys and towers. So, they are also known as fortified houses as they resemble the ancient towers that give a historic vibe.

Half-timbered houses:

Half-timbering is a technique of the medieval times. These houses have wooden structures over the stone walls. This provides strength and keeps the house cool. These houses have wide windows for ventilation.

There are many reasons to buy a property in the Limousin region and let us now see the five main reasons.


The style of Limousin is rustic and a bit village influenced. The specialties of this place include soups, desserts and main course made of potatoes. Locally available cherries, pancakes, meat, chestnut and apples are quite tasty.

The feeling of tranquility:

This place is far away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. The natural beauty is raw and inviting. There is no pollution and crowd.


Economic development teamed up with cheap properties and enjoyable lifestyle in a serene atmosphere that is attracting potential buyers. Companies are offering jobs, incentives, and subsidies to settle there.


Commutation was an issue since this place is surrounded by hills. Motorways and flight services have developed rapidly. There has been a considerable increase in the air traffic nowadays.

Investment options:

There are still a lot of places available for restoration. The rates are affordable and cheap. As the activity in surrounding areas increases, property prices in Limousin will rise too.

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