Great Places to Visit in the Limousin

A Building with a clock on the right side of it in the Limousin Region.
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March 16, 2018
A Larger Clock Tower towering over the city of Limousin Region
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March 26, 2018

Great Places to Visit in the Limousin

Limousin is the second sparsely populated place in France after Corsica. Many rural areas attract the tourists. The landscapes and sceneries are mesmerizing. There are ancient forts, churches, and cathedrals that depict the rich historical culture. The local cuisine is mouthwatering and the cottage products available there are very healthy and tasty. Limoges is the capital of Limousin region. The city is immaculate and neat. The cultural events evoke a lot of interest in the tourists and depict the culture and heritage of the area. offers a guide to the perfect trip in the Limousin region. Tourism is the primary business of Limousin and provides excellent employment opportunities to the residents. Social media is the primary tool for advertising these days . The citizens involved in activities related to hospitality and tourism can consult web designing companies to increase the ranking of Limousin in the field of travel and to provide better visibility to the place.

Limousin is the rural heart of France, and twelve places are not to be missed. Let us have a glance through the twelve picturesque locations:

Chateau De Val:
This castle looks entirely out of a fairy tale. It is situated on a high land that juts out into the sea. It has passages and turrets that make a formidable sight. It is on the border of Cantal and Corezze. The castle is well maintained and offers a spectacular view. The hallways and the ancient furniture are rustic and beautiful to look at.

Belvedere De Gratte- Bruyere:
This river is surrounded by valleys, hills covered with trees and rocky outcrops. This combination is quite rare and takes your breath away. This region is where the rivers Dordogne and Sumene converge.

This is a beautiful waterfall in a village Northeast of Brive-La-Gaillarde. The three waterfalls fall into an abyss. The height is approximately 143 meters. The valley is Le Gouffre de Inferno.

Display of meteorite:
West of Rouchechouart, about 200 million years ago, a meteorite slammed into the ground creating a crater. The crater is 20 km wide and 6 km deep.

Chateau de Rouchechouart:
This place is located at the congruence of Grene and Vayres rivers. It has got the departmental art museum and Hercules room that is widely known.

Limoges cathedral:
The work on this masterpiece took centuries to get completed. This structure is giant and enormous. It has got a choir screen, rose window and individual portail.

Rue De La Boucherie:
This is a pretty pedestrianized street filled with medieval half-timbered buildings. Here, a museum is dedicated to butchers’ shops!

This village consists of red sandstone buildings and is filled with artisan shops in conical turrets.

This is a ruined town cum historical site. The mass murder of 642 people by the Germans left this town vandalized.

This town is crescent-shaped and is known for torch lit night parades.

Chateau de pompadour:
The chateau, stables, stud farms and gardens located here are lovely.

Gare Des Benedictins:
This is the most beautiful railway station in France with a 60 meters clock tower.


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