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Tips to Make Money from Properties in France

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Top 10 Ways to Make Your French Property Worthy

France is a beautiful country, and its resources can be made use of for small or large scale business ventures. Do visit the website https://www.lovemoney.com/news/70244/how-i-moved-to-france-and-set-up-a-successful-business for successful business tips in France.

Invest Wisely

Renting unused space: After checking the house insurance property, additional space in the house or loft or remaining outhouses can be rented out to friends, visitors or neighbours.

Working from home: People having unique skills like arts and crafts and people who know foreign languages or abacus etc. can teach the kids and interested adults. This will keep the people occupied, and they can earn money too.

Hi, This is Arthur. I moved to this living paradise looking to be a BDO but the beautiful people of Limousin had other ideas for me. I moved on to be an Event Planner and specialized in working with Event Managers all over the world. We partner with Event planners in Asia(India),US & Australia. The Properties in here are not just for event sbut a great place to invest our money and more Important is you get to live and enjoy Life. When I am not into Events, I go camping in the beautiful French summer and snowboarding in the winter with my Family

Cars Parked in A Parking Lot At FranceRenting the parking spaces: People living in cities near stations, public venues and sports stadiums can make the most of their driveways and parking space. Rather than using the public parking, vehicle owners can use the private spaces on a cheaper basis.

Renting the house for shooting purpose: France is a beautiful country, and the houses and locations are picturesque and unusual. If you have an artistic home, consider renting it for movies, serials and photo shoots. This is a good source of income. Once the house is listed on the famous websites and is shown on international media, offers will start pouring in. But, free access to the house has to be given to the crew.

Considering land as an option: Properties in France come along with vast stretches of land. Instead of growing fruits and vegetables in the area, the land can be rented out for practical purposes. Stables and kennels can be constructed, and the land can be given for the cattle to graze on. Extracting wine or olive oil can also be encouraged.

A Good Customer Service Brings In More Business

Giving the land to campers: The garden or land can be provided on rent to the campers. Luxury camping business is profitable, and foreigners looking for a good camping experience in beautiful locations will approach the landowners.

Renting property on Airbnb: A room or the entire house can be rented out to foreigners wanting exotic experience. The offers and deals should be less than that of the hotels. Advertising on Airbnb attracts many visitors, and the website has grown leaps and bounds over the years.

Setting up wedding business: People owning Chateaus that look out of a fairy tale make the most preferred destination wedding venues. The castles and chateaus are mesmerizing, and the locations are exotic.

Gite business: Properties with outbuildings or estates make good homestays and they can be rented out to the tourists. France is the Picture of a Bride telling her Wedding Vows in a Wedding ceremony planned Wedding Event Planner Kiyohmost preferred holiday destination, and profits can be reaped from this business. There must be at least three gites with all the amenities like pool, garden, linen, beddings, tents etc.

Regular Maintenance And Cleaning Activities

Chambres d’hotes: The accommodation must have five bedrooms serving not more than 15 guests at a time. The space must be registered under the local authority. Running a B&B is nothing short of a hotel.


  1. Anderson says:

    If you are living in a posh country like France, you need to think on various ways to make money. Moreover, if you have a property, you can easily make money by working from home or renting out the property. It is always wise to invest on a property.

  2. Celina says:

    I have a residential space and have given it for rent on Bed and Breakfast basis. It is fetching me a good rental income. I am really happy about the investment I have made several years back. It is one of the best way to earn money.

  3. Sandy says:

    I own a commercial space and am planning to organize party on my venue for additional income. The majority area is already given on rent but the garden area is left unused. Garden parties are always popular and I think it will definitely be a success.

  4. Samar says:

    Thanks for sharing excellent money making ways from home. I was thinking what to do after my retirement. But your blog has given me some ideas about what to do and how to execute. I would definitely consider executing some of your suggestions.

  5. Deva says:

    Renting out the parking area is an excellent suggestion. I do not have a car but have car parking area in my apartment. I am planning to leave it for rent and earn a good rental income. I have already rented out one of my rooms for my friend.

  6. Chandani says:

    Most people have an opinion that it is easy to reap profits by investing in a property in France. But it is a challenging task. You should plan from the time you are investing. It cannot give you a guaranteed income when you do not plan properly.

  7. Ahilya says:

    Making money from property in France is possible when you act smartly. If you are having an extra room in your house, you can leave it for rent. There are various websites that help in finding roommates. You can also post in classifieds website.

  8. Danyal says:

    Apart from leaving your house for rent, you need to maintain on regular basis. If you do not provide attention and care to the tenants, they would not prefer choosing your house. It should be maintained just like the hotel.

  9. Menaga says:

    Tourists and travellers visiting France always keep looking for cheap homestays. If you have an extra room, it is best to use to utilize it as a guest room. This way, you can easily make huge profits with your house.

  10. Vishali says:

    I was impressed by reading various ideas to make money from home. I was keenly searching to make some extra income from home. I was surprised to read these tips and suggestions as most of them are easy and highly possible.

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