Limousin Region Puts the Flags out!! The Tenth Anniversary Celebration Begins in Style

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May 15, 2017
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March 1, 2018

Limousin Region Puts the Flags out!! The Tenth Anniversary Celebration Begins in Style

A Group of People celebrating the grand Anniversary Celebration

This is the day when we made our baby steps ten years ago! A ten-year anniversary is definitely a reason to celebrate. This is also the time to look back and introspect our journey.The path had ups and downs, there were rough times, but we managed to remain steady throughout the sail.The challenges have made us stronger, and we are proud to say that we have survived the tests of time. We started as a small venture with the basic amenities and have made immense improvement every year. Now, at this ten-year milestone, we are the favourite of many tourists with state-of-the-art facilities and services.

The hospitality business is a sector which needs constant upgrading and improvement. We have made sincere efforts in this direction,  and we offer strong competition to our peers in this field. The journey is still on in all its vigour! We look forward to a further brighter future as we proceed our voyage to the next decade.

The anniversary celebrations began with an official meeting of the management team and the whole staff followed by cake cutting. No celebration is complete without our customers and an anniversary special free buffet was arranged for all our guests.It was grand with multiple cuisines to gratify the taste buds of all. The celebrations lasted for a month and received great attention by the tourists and the media. Here are the highlights of our tenth-anniversary celebration.

Discounts!! If not now, then when?

If you love to travel with your family and friends, but financial shortage often acts as a hindrance , then anniversary discounts are the best time to pack your bags. As a part of the tenth anniversary, Limousin region provided its guests with excellent accommodation facility at thirty percent discounted rates.The food and other additional amenities were also provided at discounted prices. The attractions did not just end with the monetary benefits;a whole package of entertainment was unwrapped before the customers during the celebratory season.

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Lucky draw!!

We are what our customers made us, and we are evergrateful to all our customers. A lucky draw was arranged where all our customers till date were included. Exciting attractions awaits the lucky ones!A ten day holiday trip to India which is fully sponsored by our management is the key highlight. The gift package involves sight-seeing , luxury stay, grand food from best restaurants in the world like Castle of La Cazine, and coupons for ayurvedic massage from an organization based in India – the land where the roots of Ayurveda lie.Ten days filled with wonderful experiences to cherish lifelong; that’s what we are providing to the lucky customers.We had not left any of our valued customers; even the names of those who had spent just a day at Limousin Region in the last ten years were included in the lucky draw. Many of our past guests were really surprised when we contacted them and informed them about the gifts awaiting them.

A View of the City Skyline and Colorful Crackers from the beach.

The grand gala- Music, fun and a lot more!

Limousin Region celebrated the tenth anniversary with great pomp and show. All the guests who chose to avail our lodging facility during the month got to enjoy grand musical performances by well-known musicians. We had a lot of live performances arranged to entertain our guests.DJ sessions where everyone could dance to their mind’s content made the nights lively and zestful.

There were fun events and games arranged which were equally entertaining to different age groups. We also organised special games and events for kids to enjoy and have a blast.Drawing and painting artists were arranged to set up art workshops. The admission was open to all and not just our guests. The participation was immense, and the feedback was so heart-warming that we look forward to organise more such events in future. Art and craft exhibitions were also held which received great appreciation. The stalls were all full with an enthusiastic crowd. 

 A Close Up of a Celebration Time Banner with graffiti on it.

Celebration continues..

Celebrations never end at Limousin Region. Once our guests check into this place, then they are part of our family, and we are  all set to delight them by all means.As we move into the next decade, we strive to provide outstanding facilities for our valued customers so that they fondly cherish every moment of their stay here.


  1. Adalene says:

    Beautiful!! Such a grand celebration at Limousin Region with a lot of fun, music and gift coupon from River Day Spa is fantastic.I just enjoyed reading this article

  2. Priyansh says:

    Really happy to know about the anniversary celebration of the city of Limousin. Tourists usually visit the city during the anniversary celebration so that they can enjoy to the core. It is a complete celebration time for the people of Limousin and tourists.

  3. Dharun says:

    I compliment the efforts of the team Limousin in detailing the celebrations of the tenth anniversary of the city of Limousin. The organizers of the anniversary celebration have announced several deals and offer for everyone in the city of Limousin

  4. Joseph says:

    The article helped me to visualize the joy and festive mood of the people of Limousin. You can know about the discounts on various purchases, lucky draw events and musical fun events for celebrating the tenth anniversary of the city of Limousin.

  5. Merlin says:

    I am aware of how the city has improved in the hospitality sector in the past ten years. I take up this opportunity to wish sucess on the event of the tenth-anniversary celebrations. The celebrations would be really grand and attractive.

  6. Khushi says:

    Last time when I visited the city during their anniversary celebrations and happened to take part in the free buffet. The food served at the buffet was tasty and I really loved it. the article has rightly captured the festive mood of the city.

  7. Mani says:

    Eagerly waiting to take part in the anniversary celebration of Limousin in the upcoming years. It would be a great experience to enjoy the musical performance of the great musicians as mentioned in the above post. The events organized during the event looks interesting.

  8. Pradeep says:

    Anniversary celebration time would be the right time to plan for your vacations. Limousin offers discounts for your trips. You can enjoy accommodation and food services for discounted prices. Make sure to visit the city of Limousin during the anniversary celebration of the city.

  9. Dularen says:

    The above post clearly depicts how the city of Limousin has developed in the ten years. This development is mainly due to tourism and the rich cultural heritage of the city. Hats off to the efforts of the Limousin government

  10. Gnanm says:

    Really an inspiring post which depicts the hard work and efforts of the Limousin region to develop the city and make it a major tourist attraction. They have strived to offer the state of the art facilties to the tourists.

  11. Teju says:

    I am really surprised to know that as a part of the Limousin anniversary celebration the government did not forget to entertain the tourists who visited the city in the past. The attractive package on ayurvedic massage offered would be a refreshing experience for the tourists.

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