About us

The limousin-region.com website was started around two decades ago to give people access to more information about this amazing part of France. Although a rural area, Limosin has been developing a lot in the past few years without losing its countryside charm at the same time. Every year, plenty of people visit this picturesque part of the country to spend their holidays and enjoy the pure countryside. There are plenty of safe swimming pools and sandy beaches in the area, making it a perfect spot to vacation for watersport lovers.

If you enjoy going for walks, fishing, indulging in a bit of star gazing, Limosin is the perfect choice for you. Located far away from the maddening crowds of the cities and polluted air, Limosin offers you and your family a well-deserved break. The limousin-region.com website is packed with all kinds of information you need to know about Limosin. You can even find a holiday cottage that fits your budget on our website. Limosin is a friendly region, where the natives and locals are helpful to visiting tourists. Limosin also boasts of a lot of olden architecture. A walk through the regions will expose you to different architecture styles from a period as old as the 15th century, in fact, you can even rent mid 15 century townhouses in Limosin if your budget permits. Limosin is also home to several luxury holiday properties which make an ideal location for weddings, private parties or special occasions. limousin-region.com has all the latest information about Limosin that you will need to know before visiting this magical part of France.